Duration: 7.5 Months

Exorcism: December 31 2009

Documentation: drawings, photographs, surveillance reports and slides, film, comics,

letters, legal and medical documents, and other artifacts

Investigation: A perofrmative resimulation of a persona who interacts with real life in real time






My name is Tundra.

Write me at : tundra.falls77@gmail.com

Hope to hear from you/me soon.

hisses and kisses,


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Performance in real life, using real materials, experience and real time
San Francisco, Kansas City, Honolulu, Portland and Paris.

"Besides bending reality to create TUNDRA FALLS, Lawrence has more significantly demolished the barriers separating theater, literature, painting, photography and conceptualism. This collage technique is not unlike filmmaker Todd Solondz's multiple character/multiple viewpoint treatment in Palindromes. Lawrence lives another life(and asks others to as well), uses the internet and classified ads as they are ordinarily used. This creative demolition may be the most promising revisionist movement in the arts today" - Big Mag Magazine, September 18, 2019

Forms of Documentation: artifacts, diaries, surveillance photos, ads, handwriting analysis, credit, letters, psychiatric reports.
TUNDRA FALLS was, for 9 months a private performance of a simulated person. In an era of avatars, s/he became an objectified alternative personality. Tundra's first live action was to place an ad in the local craigslist advertising for a muse. People who answered the ad became participants in her adventure . As she became part of their reality, they became part of her fiction.

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